"Before we change the world, we gotta change ourselves"

-The Notorious

Monday, April 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen Kind of Day

I'm having a Charlie Sheen type of day. I'm winning all around. Two of my classes were canceled, the weather feels great, and I'm currently sitting next to my open window studying for a test. Got one word for today's festivities. WINNING!


  1. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  2. im not having a winning day...but whatever -_-

    anyways, incase you want an immediate answer about the question you asked on my blog (il still bring it up next post), il answer short here.

    make sure tire pressure is up to par, possibly higher inflated then recommended, but not advised.

    make sure you rotate as often as you think demands, you might have to think where to put each wheel to maximize life.

    is your suspension too soft to need a camber kit? if it is too soft, all you are doing is making the tire go to ridiculous camber angles as you add weight and go over bumps, providing tire life loss. (best to get stiffer suspension before camber kit to test out in stages until result you want is achieved)

    i will go into more detail next post, just thought i would get you a quick response cause i figured you wanted your tires to be saved asap

  3. Love charlie sheen's winning streak